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D4CR @ Work

January, 2021

In my last post I announced that D4CR was recognized in the Wolfram Technology Conference 2020. Now I want to present an example of how our Wolfram Innovator Award winning work has been put into action and implemented as part of a comprehensive solution for an organization. Our systems are enabled with Wolfram's prestigious technology for prediction models, artificial intelligence, algorithms, statistical data analysis, and database management tools, among others. In this post I will describe how we implemented D4CR as a comprehensive source of information and reports for users at different levels in a particular organization....


D4CR Release and Awards

November, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of D4CR, our new data analysis and report generation system based on natural language processing. This is a system where managers and their associates simply type requests to generate enlightening dashboards and information to support their decision making processes. D4CR is carefully customized to fit each of our customers needs, such that their fundamental business reports, analytics, and predictions become readily available to explore and share by simply asking questions. Of course, for the benefit of advanced analysts, we also provide optional user interfaces to customize natural language requests....