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D4CR Release and Awards

We are pleased to announce the release of D4CR, our new data analysis and report generation system based on natural language processing. This is a system where managers and their associates simply type requests to generate enlightening dashboards and information to support their decision making processes. D4CR is carefully customized to fit each of our customers needs, such that their fundamental business reports, analytics, and predictions become readily available to explore and share by simply asking questions. Of course, for the benefit of advanced analysts, we also provide optional user interfaces to customize natural language requests.

Our work creating D4CR was recognized by Stephen Wolfram in the Wolfram Technology Conference 2020. I received the Wolfram Innovator Award 2020 because of the depth and quality of the work done with the Wolfram Language (WL) and its extensive library of functions for analytics, machine learning, prediction models, image processing and symbolic processing. Note that WL is an OS-agnostic platform, thus, D4CR, and our solutions in general, seamlessly work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, note that we deliver D4CR as a stand-alone and fully deployed in your OS application without the need of purchasing any other software.

This is a screenshot of D4CR demo version showing an example request and one of its associated outputs (map) along with some of its GUI elements. Different output types are available depending on the users needs: graphics, maps, pivot analysis, charts, tabular reports, predictions, etc. Your data may be in spreadsheets or any known database system. We will setup D4CR to generate reports for your latest data updates.


This is another example where the user interface is shown to demonstrate that natural language requests are customizable if desired. This report contains three main objects: data, a chart, and a map. All results are easily exportable to different formats.


We customize D4CR to read your data, generate your dashboards or reports, and export data to spreadsheets or reports to PDF or any other format required. We are already delivering D4CR, and our customers feedback has been great. We are ready, and will be pleased to demonstrate its capabilities to anyone interested. Here you can schedule a meeting for a demonstration.